Issue 48

April 2009

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Issue 48 cover


  1. C6.R replica

    One fan’s devotion to Corvette Racing went beyond the usual hat and t-shirt purchases—he built a C6.R replica.

  2. 1966 restomod

    Restomods come in all flavors, from subtle to sacrilegious. This ’66 coupe strikes a delicate balance between such extremes.

  3. Marcos TSO-GT2

    Chevy small-block V8 up front, T-top on top, what could be more American? Well, the Marcos TSO-GT2 is from the UK.

  4. Market Report: C1/C2

    We examine the market for first- and second-gen Corvettes, exploring what the financial crisis has wrought.

  5. 800-bhp Supercharged C6

    What to do when you don’t want to put miles on your Ron Fellows Z06? Build an 800-horsepower C6 as your daily.

  6. Supercharger Supremacy

    With its TVS blower churning up 638 bhp in the ZR1, Eaton is at the cutting edge of supercharger technology.

  7. 1968 big-block convertible

    When you know exactly what you want to buy—say, a ’68 convertible—the purchase is always worth the wait.

  8. Ex-Lou D’Amico C2 racer

    An SCCA A-Production race car that enjoyed success in the ’70s passes from its creator, Lou D’Amico, to a new owner.

  9. Full Article

    25 Hours of Thunderhill

    Endurance racing is never easy, but the Thunderhill 25 Hours is especially brutal, as Pfadt Racing learns.

  10. How-To: Steering box rebuild

    Richard Prince takes us through the step-by-step process of rebuilding a C2/C3 steering box.

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