Issue 38

January 2008

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  1. Full Article

    834-bhp twin-turbo C5 Z06

    A Jersey boy's first crack at Corvette Z06 ownership results in 800+ horsepower. Beginner's luck, or just big ideas?

  2. 1968 Sunray DX L88 racer

    The Sunray team had a short career, but it remains one of the all-time corvette-racing greats. We unravel the mystique.

  3. Market Report: C2

    The ever-popular midyear Corvette enjoyed another jump in collector value, but prices are leveling out.

  4. 1954 market analysis

    Has the time arrived for the middle-child '54? Paul Zazarine examines the no-longer-forgotten Corvette vintage.

  5. History: Shinoda’s Monza show cars

    The seeds of the C3 Corvette were planted years prior to the model's public debut. Larry Shinoda was one of its gardeners.

  6. Comparison Test: C4 ZR-1 vs. C6 Z06

    The new Z06 and venerable ZR1 ought to feel more related than they do. George Stradlater thinks he knows why that is.

  7. Full Article

    1996 Grand Sport coupe

    Finding a 1996 Grand Sport was hard enough when they were new. Finding a like-new example today can be even tougher.

  8. History: Disc brakes

    Our continuing C2 retrospective covers the Corvette's landmark switch to four-wheel disc brakes. Here's how the critics reacted.

  9. Racing: Pratt & Miller factory tour

    Peter Brock visits the headquarters of Pratt and Miller, the company contracted to turn C5 and C6 Corvettes into Le Mans winners.

  10. How-To: Muncie gearbox rebuild, Part I

    The inside of any transmission, even a modest Muncie, is an imposing sight. Jeff Glenn dares to take a peek.

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