Issue 30

January 2007

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Issue 30 cover


  1. Extreme Makeover

    What do you get when you mix a German tuner with an american GT car? We're not sure either, but dig those wide fenders.

  2. Full Article

    History: C4 ZR-1’s final year

    At the start of the '90s, the future seemed to involve a whole lot of teensy top-end parts. By mid-decade they were fading away.

  3. Milford Proving Grounds visit

    Jeff Glenn goes to milford to see 40 below, 130 above, indoor rainstorms, and two Corvettes stuck in a fridge.

  4. History: Two-Rotor Corvette

    We drive the two-rotor—a Corvette concept with a body from Italy, an engine invented in Germany, and a death sentence in Detroit.

  5. C4 pickup truck

    What do you do if you only like driving Corvettes but need a tough pickup for work? This guy broke out the saws and the plywood.

  6. Market Report: C5

    They're not very old, not very far from brand-new, and not very expensive. That's why it's not a very hard decision.

  7. History: 1958-59 design

    With the '50s coming to a close and the Bill Mitchell era just beginning, the Corvette was in for some radical changes.

  8. Racing: GT1 title tightens

    As the season comes down to the wire, Corvette Racing finds itself in a do-or-die battle with lead bricks and tiny steel holes.

  9. How-To: TPI fuel injection rebuild

    TPI fuel injection is simple, reliable, and not getting any younger. Got time for a C4 refresher course?

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