Issue 159

March 2023

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 159 cover


  1. Full Article

    The Best It Can Be

    Gary Licko’s determination to return this 396 coupe to as-new condition paid off in extraordinary fashion

  2. Full Article

    Lowering Standard

    Designed for the Euro show circuit, Łukasz Janecki’s slammed C3 takes “stance” to the next level

  3. Speed Addict

    Armed with a turbocharged 355, this 974-hp ’67 coupe combines classic lines with rocket-ship acceleration

  4. Market Report: C8

    Three years removed from its debut, the first mid-engine production Corvette remains a hot commodity

  5. The Keeper

    After clocking more than 375,000 miles with one owner, this ’62 roadster has become a part of the family

  6. Sunk-Cost C4

    A wistful look back at a uniquely modified ’84 pace car that met an untimely end in the Kentucky karst

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