Issue 136

April 2020

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Issue 136 cover


  1. Full Article

    Better by Design

    The new C8 and the C8.R racecar were engineered side-by-side, resulting in the fastest, most efficient Corvettes ever

  2. Full Article

    Lesson Learned

    Adam Brandt ignored his own advice in buying this ’88 convertible, but ultimately ended up with his dream car anyway

  3. Rolling Art

    Doug Scheidet waited nearly half a century to buy his ideal custom Stingray

  4. Market Update: $20K

    Accelerated depreciation following the release of the C8 makes buying used an especially smart choice

  5. Numbers Game

    Real dyno numbers notwithstanding, the 435-hp L89 was officially Chevy’s hottest Corvette engine for ’67

  6. Not Your Average ’53

    With the help of friends, Scott Baum created a sensational V-8 tribute to the first-year Corvette

  7. Considering the Alternatives

    A look back at GM’s often ambitious mid-engine Corvette prototypes

  8. Built for Success

    Kai Spande started out making engine parts. Now he calls the shots at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant

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