Issue 135

March 2020

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Issue 135 cover


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    Longtime Corvette disciple Michael Razzano finds inner peace in a twin-turbo, 1,000-hp C7

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    Two Clutches, No Waiting

    The C8’s dual-clutch trans ranks in significance with its mid-mounted powertrain configuration

  3. Twice the Enjoyment

    A ’65 L76 coupe and a convincing ’67 L88 clone reflect more than a half-century of Corvette zeal

  4. Road Warrior

    A nearly 600-mile cruise in a lightly modded ’70 coupe reaffirms the joys of vintage-Corvette motoring

  5. Holding the Line

    Values of C1 Corvettes show modest changes, preserving the car’s status as a blue-chip collector vehicle

  6. Boneyard Rescue

    Following a stint as an R&D car at Lotus, a battered ’89 ZR-1 prototype finds new life across the pond

  7. Front-Engine Finale

    With the new C8.R waiting in the wings, we take a fond look back at the seventh-gen Corvette racecar

  8. Glory Daze

    Joe Spano’s ’62 restomod embraces modern technology, while keeping a respectful eye on the past

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