Issue 131

September 2019

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 131 cover


  1. Full Article

    The Lost Corvette

    After decades of dreaming about it, Chris Mazzilli was able to create the 1983 Corvette that never was

  2. Full Article

    Two-Rotor Trendsetter

    Chevy’s innovative XP-897 GT prototype foreshadowed mid-engine Corvette concepts to come

  3. Survivor Type

    From theft recovery to vintage racecar, Tom Cotter’s ’64 convertible has led a truly “eventful” life

  4. The Lowdown

    Shopping for an affordable C3 or C4? Fortunately, a limited budget needn’t mean limited driving enjoyment

  5. My Brother's Keeper

    Herman Campos rehabilitated this rare-color 1973 coupe in honor of its former owner, his late brother

  6. The Other Way of Stopping

    Low weight, extraordinary heat resistance and unsurpassed durability make carbon-ceramic the material of choice for Corvette’s top-performing brake systems

  7. Power Tool

    Supertuner Reeves Callaway wielded the twin-turbo, 255-mph Sledgehammer with a vengeance

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