Issue 129

June 2019

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  1. Full Article

    Training Day

    Harnessing “thunder and lightning” at Spring Mountain’s ZR1 Owners School

  2. Full Article

    All-American Turbo

    When Corvette performance hit a wall in the mid-1970s, Greenwood and American Custom Industries devised a creative workaround

  3. Power Players

    Modern Corvette “Z" cars continue to represent some of the best buys on the premium sports-car market

  4. Second Chance

    Phil Kostis let this ’65 slip away the first time, but he wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice

  5. Original Only Once

    With only 69K miles on the clock, Charles Shane Jr.’s ’59 driver has thus far eluded restoration

  6. Getting the Balance Right

    IMSA’s usually effective, invariably controversial “Balance of Performance” regime explained

  7. Dream Drive

    An all-too-brief encounter with a 1963 Z06/N03 “Tanker” coupe leaves a lasting impression

  8. Mid Men

    Three former Corvette chief engineers on chasing the chimera of a mid-engine model

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