Issue 128

April 2019

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  1. Full Article

    High-Speed Exhilaration

    With help from friends and talented artisans, Charles Washington brought his vision for a unique-looking, high-performance C7 to fruition

  2. Full Article

    C4 Salute

    To send off the C4 in style, Chevy cooked up two special versions of this long-running model for 1996

  3. Buyer's Market

    With sixth-gen prices continuing to trend downward, there’s never been a better time to grab one of these pre-owned performance bargains

  4. Goal Oriented

    Kathy and Mike Cima’s “Suzie Q” ’59 is but the latest in a long line of impressive automotive accomplishments

  5. Lively Times

    Jack Smiley’s ’66 convertible was driven and enhanced by two of the Corvette-racing world’s best and brightest

  6. Stop Ahead

    The Corvette racing effort shifts into high gear for 1957, but an industry-wide ban on speed threatens to bring it to a halt

  7. Two for the Road

    What to look for—and look out for—when buying or restoring a second-generation Corvette

  8. Creative Marketing

    Gary Claudio shepherds the Corvette Racing program on its journey from upstart race team to international juggernaut

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