Issue 126

January 2019

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  1. Full Article

    Crown Jewel

    Tom Marcucci’s all-original, low-mileage ’69 L88 roadster is a dazzling example of this legendary performance model

  2. Full Article

    The Road Less Traveled

    Gennaro Aulisio’s big-block ’91 convertible takes its inspiration from a radical C4 prototype

  3. Under the Radar

    Affordable, capable and available in a wide range of configurations, the fourth-generation Corvette remains one of the sports-car market’s most underappreciated bargains

  4. Trading Up

    With eye-popping looks and gut-wrenching acceleration, this ’07 Callaway SC560 outclasses the competition in every category

  5. Ramjet Takes Off

    John Dolza and Zora Duntov bring fuel injection to the Corvette, while Smokey Yunick perfects the system for racing

  6. Atomic Theory

    As applied to the practical realities of restoring and racing a “Nuclear Carrot” of a ’64 convertible

  7. The C4 Gets Serious

    Part 2: Chevy’s ZR2 convertible aims to single-handedly relaunch the big-block Corvette era

  8. Creative Marketing

    Gary Claudio was a driving force behind the birth, survival and eventual success of the Corvette Racing program

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