Issue 110

January 2017

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  1. Full Article

    Conquest Sale

    A Corvette convert cooks up one of the fastest, most lavishly optioned tuner cars in marque history—then tosses us the keys

  2. Long-Term Affair

    After more than 50 years, Herman Zarkis’ relationship with his ’56 roadster shows no signs of slowing down

  3. Full Article

    Power Injection

    How radically revised fueling and combustion systems contribute to the LT engines’ extraordinary output and efficiency

  4. High Tech Meets Old School

    This ’65 marries performance technologies from two very different eras

  5. Second Helping

    Good deals on desirable second-generation Corvettes are still out there—but perhaps not for long

  6. The Quickening

    As this restored example shows, the ’70 LT-1 laid the groundwork for later high-performance Corvette models

  7. Saving the Best for Last

    Bruce Berman’s ’96 Collector Edition coupe is a pristine example of the exceptionally refined final-year C4

  8. Neverland

    Built as a family tribute, the Hendrick Heritage Collection is a Corvette-filled fantasyland for kids of all ages

  9. Championship Run

    Six decades on, Corvette’s involvement in organized, production-based motorsports runs deeper than ever

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