Issue 109

December 2016

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  1. Full Article

    In Depth: 2017 Grand Sport

    With its eye-opening performance and extravagant options menu, Team Corvette’s latest grand affair may be the best C7 yet

  2. Full Article

    Building the Beast

    Manufacturing the Corvette ZR-1’s high-tech LT5 engine required an all-new approach

  3. Never a Dull Moment

    John Rische wanted a Corvette steeped in history. He got that and more in this ’69 convertible racer

  4. Investment Grade

    As C1 values continue to trend gradually upward, one example heads directly for the stratosphere

  5. Italian Glass

    This lovingly restored ‘63 export coupe serves as a lasting tribute to former owner Mike Bongiorno

  6. Birthday Dedication

    Ron Reali turned his 2003 50th Anniversary C5 into a one-of-a-kind tribute to America’s heroes

  7. Winning Drive

    From comfort to safety items, being prepared will help you get the most from your Corvette road trip

  8. Owning the Dream

    Incredibly, this Corvette GT2 racecar—a two-time Le Mans winner—is now in the hands of a private collector

  9. Youth Movement

    Twenty-something drivers Jordan and Ricky Taylor represent the present and future of Corvette Racing

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