Issue 106

July 2016

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  1. Full Article

    Perfect 10

    A groundbreaking C7 "first" serves as the launching pad for even greater performance aspirations

  2. Full Article

    Lighting the Flame

    Working with limited resources, racer Mauri Rose heats up a Chevy passenger-car engine to power the first Corvette

  3. Getting Your Zs

    We take a closer look at the modern ZR1 and Z06 high-performance offerings, starting with the C4 generation

  4. Grand Illusion

    Comparing the legendary 1963 Grand Sport racer with a refined Superformance reproduction

  5. One-of-a-Kind “Twin”

    James Cornell’s twin-turbo ’82 droptop is a unique take on a rare, Duntov-badged C3 tuner car.


    Travis Raczynski sets a very high standard when it comes to his devotion to Corvettes and Corvette Racing

  7. John DeLorean and the Corvette

    How this GM maverick influenced the development of Chevy’s sports car

  8. Leading by Example

    Corvette Racing pit bosses Dan Binks and Brian Hoye help keep the entire team on track to victory

  9. Much More than Adequate

    Exploring the symbiotic relationship between Corvette OEM and racing engines

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