Deadly Nightshade

Though influenced by racing, this 1958 Corvette is perfectly at home on the open road

March 12, 2015
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For a guy who had never owned a Corvette before, Brian Lamb of Houston, Texas, had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted from his custom C1.

First, he wanted an exterior that evoked the clean, stripped-down appearance of 1960s road racers. But he wanted more than just a speedy look. “I wanted a road-race-type ‘3g’ car—[capable of] a g of acceleration, a g of cornering, a g of stopping,” he says.

Oh, and he also wanted to be able to drive it every day.

It was a tall order, but thanks to today’s extensive aftermarket support and a capable shop, he now has precisely that combination of virtues in his flat-black ’58 roadster.

Meeting all those objectives required radical surgery—in this case marrying an Art Morrison Enterprises GT Sport chassis to a heavily modified 1958 body, along with all the electronic comforts you’d expect in a new Corvette. Sounds straightforward enough, but it’s the details that always grind the proverbial gears in a project like this.

“Just about every part on the car has been modified, or the color has been changed,” says Jeff Snyder, owner of Jeff’s Resurrections in Taylor, Texas, where the ’58 came to life. “Virtually nothing was taken straight out of the box and put on. It’s been altered in one way or another, either out of necessity or a desire to stay within the theme of the cosmetics.”

The project originally started at another shop, and when it arrived at Jeff’s Resurrections it was essentially a rolling chassis with just a few custom pieces completed.

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