Issue 91

September 2014

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  1. Full Article

    2012 Callaway B2K Grand Sport

    Callaway celebrated the anniversary of its C4 Twin Turbo by building 25 supercharged C6s.

  2. Grand Sport B2K

    Callaway celebrated the 25th anniversary of its C4 Twin Turbo by building 25 supercharged C6s.

  3. 1968 L88 Convertible

    Drag-raced early on then stored for decades, this all-original big block has under 4,000 miles.

  4. Buyer’s Guide: $20K

    We focus on the ’73 big block, ’96 LT4 coupe, ’00 convertible, ’03 Anniversary coupe and ’06 coupe.

  5. Full Article

    1963 Coupe

    The split window is one of the most-coveted Corvettes, which explains why this owner’s had his since new.

  6. History: Frank Winchell

    In the mid-’60s, Zora Arkus-Duntov’s engineering hegemony at Chevy was challenged by Frank Winchell.

  7. 2015 Preview

    At the NCM’s Bash, Chevy showed two special-edition packages and discussed what else is new for 2015.

  8. Tech: Stingray Body Shop

    We look at how the 2014 Corvette’s aluminum frame is constructed and assembled at Bowling Green.

  9. Racing: The Turnaround

    After two disappointing races, Corvette Racing wins both the Long Beach and Laguna Seca rounds.

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