Issue 87

March 2014

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  1. Full Article

    2014 Stingray Coupe

    We spend a week in a Z51 coupe, taking it on our favorite roads, a racetrack and San Francisco streets.

  2. Blown C6 Droptop

    Since GM doesn’t offer a high-output Corvette convertible with an automatic, this owner built one himself.

  3. Buyer’s Guide: C3

    With appreciation slackened on many models and a few drops in value, the C3 market has softened.

  4. 1981 Coupe

    The 1981 model year was a turning point; we explain why, and provide late-model buying tips.

  5. Larry Shinoda

    While he is best known for his work on the ’63 Corvette, Larry Shinoda created a number of great designs.

  6. Full Article

    1988 Coupe

    Original-owner fourth gens are a bit of a rarity, and to think this owner wanted a C3 when he bought it.

  7. 1999 Hardtop

    Though originally conceived of as an entry-level C5, the hardtop morphed into a high-performance machine.

  8. Tech: Stingray Seats

    We explore the technology used to develop the C7’s seats and explain the differences between them.

  9. 1964 Coupe

    Incredibly original, this mid-year Fuelie spent many years in storage before being set free.

  10. Racing: C6.R Retrospective

    It’s had an incredible run, winning championships in two classes, but the C6.R’s time has come to an end.

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