Issue 74

July 2012

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  1. Full Article

    2009 ZR1

    Lethal Performance modifies a Corvette ZR1 with the aim of hitting 200 mph at the Texas Mile.

  2. Full Article

    Two 1982 Coupes

    If you think 21,000 miles is low for a third-generation Corvette, how about a mere 463 miles?

  3. 1998 Coupe

    A high-mileage C5 is transformed into a daily commuter that can run a 10-second quarter mile.

  4. 1990 Convertible

    C4s aren't usually associated with NCRS judging, but this droptop has been lavished with awards.

  5. Buyer's Guide: C4

    The fourth-gen Corvette has long been known for its affordability; today, it is even more of a bargain.

  6. 1963 Coupe

    Demolished in a crash, this '63 seemed destined for the junk heap; its owner had a different idea.

  7. 1954 Test Mule

    Before installing its new V8 in the '55 Corvette, Chevy tested it in a '54—a car that still exists today.

  8. Tech: Run-flat tires

    Since their debut on the Corvette in 1994, run-flat tires have improved, thanks to ongoing development.

  9. Racing: Jan Magnussen

    The fiercely competitive Danish driver has been a core part of the Corvette Racing team since 2004.

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