Issue 66

July 2011

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  1. Full Article

    Baldwin-Motion Phase III

    The original owner of this '69 coupe sold it in 1970, then spent decades wishing he hadn't—now he's got it back.

  2. Full Article

    1965 Restomod

    With a mid-year convertible body, C4 suspension and a ZR1's supercharged V8, this restomod is truly a dream Corvette.

  3. 2008 Coupe

    The Z06 and ZR1 garner most of the sixth-generation attention these days, but the standard C6 deserves a share of the spotlight.

  4. Market Report: C4

    With a 13-year production run and lots of different models and options, the fourth-gen Corvette offers buyers lots to choose from.

  5. 1992 Coupe

    Want a high-performance sports car for an absurdly low price? A 300-horsepower LT1-engined '92 Corvette is a great car to target.

  6. 1954 Roadster

    Painstakingly restored, highly original and beautiful to behold, this red-on-red first-generation Corvette is a prized possession

  7. Tech: New Big Block

    GM Performance Parts has breathed new life into its big-block by designing a thoroughly revised casting.

  8. 1967 Small-Block Coupe

    Finding an unrestored mid-year in good condition is rare, which is why this owner jumped at the opportunity to buy one.

  9. How-To: C6 Appearance

    By installing carbon-fiber headlights, blacked-out taillights and a carbon-fiber hood, C6 owners can make their Vette stand out.

  10. Racing: Sebring

    Each year, the American Le Mans Series season kicks off with the most brutal race of the entire year—the 12 Hours of Sebring

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