Issue 59

September 2010

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  1. Full Article

    LMR-tuned ZR1 and C6

    Whether you start with a base car or a top-of-the-line ZR1, getting mega horsepower from a C6 is an expensive proposition.

  2. C6 show car

    An ex-pro football player and championship-winning drag racer builds a C6 show car and quickly meets with success.

  3. State of the collector-car market

    The Great Recession shook up the collector Corvette market. The question is, which cars have bounced back?

  4. Interview: Jim Campbell

    We interview Chevrolet's latest marketing boss, Jim Campbell; he says rejuvenating Corvette sales is a priority.

  5. 1972 LT1 coupe

    A person's first Corvette is special, but some are more special than others--as is the case with this owner's '72 LT1.

  6. Pratt & Miller LS7/LS9 engine

    Pratt & Miller mates a super-charged LS9 top end with a 7.0-liter LS7 bottom end to create the ultimate Corvette engine.

  7. Full Article

    History: 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans

    In 1960, Briggs Cunningham's three Corvettes took on Europe's finest sports cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  8. Racing: Laguna Seca ALMS

    With frustrating results at Sebring and Long Beach, Corvette Racing needed a win at Laguna Seca to turn around its season.

  9. How To: C2/3 frame repair

    Restoring Sting Rays and early Sharks often requires refurbishing the chassis; we guide you through the process.

  10. 1965 small-block coupe

    The ’63 and ’67 Sting Rays may garner the most attention, but the ’65 also deserves its day in the sun.

  11. 1972 LT1 coupe

    A person’s first Corvette is special, but some are more special than others—as is the case with this owner’s ’72 LT1.

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