Issue 118

January 2018

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  1. Full Article

    Crown Jewel

    With a little help from a master restorer, David Wahrhaftig found the final piece in his Corvette troika

  2. Full Article

    Technology Creep

    Automotive evolution stretches the performance envelope on Jason Harding’s 860-hp C7 Z06

  3. C5 Slide

    A notable drop in resale prices makes the value-packed fifth-generation Corvette an even better buy

  4. C1 Comes to Life

    Under the stewardship of Zora Duntov and Ed Cole, Corvette evolves into a true high-performance car

  5. An Honest Corvette

    After more than a decade of disuse, a tired-but-true ’62 gets a new owner—and a new lease on life

  6. Rare Bird

    Craig Nixon’s “MOOVETT” ’75 pays tribute to a fast-food icon, racking up miles and trophies along the way

  7. Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Tom Souza’s hot pursuit of this ’56 roadster sparked a passion for Corvette racing and restoration

  8. Behind the Wheel

    Tommy Milner on his favorite moment at Corvette Racing—and the one race he’d like to forget

  9. A Fifth Column

  10. Behind the Wheel Tommy Milner

  11. Reader Corvettes Ownership

  12. Tech Nerd

  13. Muscle Building

  14. Wanted Dead or Alive

  15. Callaway Wins Big in European Competition

  16. Letters to the Editor

  17. Reader Corvettes Bought and Sold

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