Subscription-Price Update

We’re taking a slightly different approach with this issue’s editorial, as we wanted to let you know about some important, if modest, changes to our subscription pricing. Our editor will be back in the next edition with his usual grab-bag of trenchant insights, humorous musings, and desultory ramblings about all things Corvette. But for now, a word from our publisher:

While many businesses quietly raise prices without notice or do it deceptively by adding a charge such as “postage and handling,” we prefer to announce such changes in advance. This allows our loyal subscribers an opportunity to take advantage of current, lower prices before the increase takes effect.

The new price for a one-year subscription in the U.S. will be $23.00, with comparable small increases for Canadian ($33.00) and other foreign ($41.00) subscriptions. We have experienced small, but steady, increases in the cost of paper, printing, and postage over the last few years, and this price increase will enable us to maintain the highest standards for Corvette Magazine.

The two-year subscription at $40, and the three-year subscription at $56, offer considerable savings to you, and this is beneficial for us as well. While there may appear to be more profit per year in a one-year subscription, the cost to renew it every 12 months is significant. We send the first renewal message when you have two issues remaining on your subscription, and we use first-class mail to make sure you receive it in a timely manner. (Note that Corvette Magazine is the rare periodical that tells you exactly how many issues remain on your subscription, and we don’t send out random early notices that can be misleading.) Add in the cost of printing forms, personalizing the message, and processing the mail, and you can understand why we love those of you who respond to the first notice, as well as the many readers who extend their subscriptions by two or three years.

Yes, you can. The first thing to do is check the date on which your current subscription expires, information that is printed on the mailing label of each issue. Keep in mind that the cover date will always be ear- lier than the calendar date. For example, the current issue has a cover date of July, but you should receive it in May. This industry- standard system was created for newsstand purposes, so the issues on display never seem out-of-date.

If you choose to renew early, you have several options. For those of you who have subscriptions expiring in the next 12 months, we will send you a notice that gives you an opportunity to renew at the current prices. It will clearly state that your subscription is not in any danger of expiring, but it will give you the opportunity to renew early.

You can extend your subscription by sending a check with this notice, as most of you do now, or via our website by clicking on “Early Renewal” at

This early renewal option is open to all subscribers, even if your subscription doesn’t expire in the next 12 months. You can renew early online or send a check directly to us at 42 Digital Drive #5, Novato, CA 94949. Canadian and other foreign subscribers can also take advantage of the current rates, but we will not be sending you early renewal notices. Your best option, therefore, is to renew through our website.

The new prices are effective July 1, so you have ample time to decide whether to extend your subscription. Just don’t put it off too long, or you’ll end up paying the higher price. We won’t accept renewals at the old prices as of July 1. In fact, if you think it’s a good idea, do it right now—don’t wait.

We have never offered cheap hats or clocks that don’t arrive (or expire early) to prompt you to subscribe. However, our new- in-2020 Buyer’s Guide has met with great acceptance within the Corvette community, and that publication will continue to be a bonus with your annual subscription, along with our semi-regular Tech Nerd books. With that mind, you can rest assured that Corvette Magazine will continue to be your favorite automotive publication for many years to come.

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