Issue 79

March 2013

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  1. Full Article

    C6 ZR1

    Given the difficulty of buying and maintaining one, it’s no wonder ZR1s are so rare in the UK.

  2. 2014 LT1 V8 Engine

    We dive deep into the C7’s Gen 5 small block, analyzing its host of new technologies.

  3. Buyer’s Guide: $15K

    Fifteen grand can buy a lot of Corvette, including special C3 and C4 models.

  4. 1992 Coupe

    This car is one of the relatively few C4s equipped with the Z07 option, a suspension and break upgrade.

  5. Full Article

    1963 Coupe

    Our celebration of the Corvette’s 60th anniversary continues, this time focusing on the mid-years.

  6. 2010 Grand Sport

    With an Edelbrock supercharger and an aero kit, this black coupe is far from your standard C6.

  7. 1969 Coupe

    Finding the right Corvette takes patience, as does restoring it—such was the case with this small block.

  8. Tech: C5 Diagnostics

    Learning how to use the Driver Information Center is the key to diagnosing fifth-gen problems.

  9. Racing: Oliver Gavin

    We profile Corvette Racing’s veteran British driver, winner of the 2012 ALMS Drivers Championship.

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