Issue 58

July 2010

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 58 cover


  1. Lingenfelter Supercharged C6

    With a 640-bhp Lingenfelter supercharged LS2 engine and upgraded suspension, this C6 is one serious machine.

  2. Interview: Ken Lingenfelter

    We interview Ken Lingenfelter, who recently took over the helm of the tuning outfit Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

  3. Road trip: 2010 Grand Sport coupe

    Wanting to get more seat time in the 2010 Grand Sport, we take a coupe version on a 1,000-mile road trip along the West Coast.

  4. 1996 LT4 coupe

    The ’96 Grand Sport is a unique, special-edition Corvette, but its LT4 engine was available in a standard C4—we drive one.

  5. Market Report: C4

    Fourth-gen values continue to tumble, including those for the high-zoot ZR-1, making this Corvette even more of a bargain.

  6. Special-order 1967 big blocks

    We examine two ’67 big blocks, a convertible bought by Bill Mitchell and a coupe Ed Cole helped a neighbor order.

  7. Full Article

    History: 1956 Corvette

    Historian Karl Ludvigsen tells us the story of the ’56, from the boardroom to the drawing table to the sands of Daytona Beach.

  8. Racing: GT2-class C6.R race car

    The move from GT1 to GT2 in the American Le Mans Series forced Corvette Racing to develop a brand-new C6.R.

  9. How To: C5 headlight gear replacement

    Have your fifth-gen headlights lost their swivel? We show you how to replace the worn-out gear that’s causing the problem.

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