Issue 40

April 2008

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 40 cover


  1. 2009 C6 ZR1 debut

    The twice-used ZR1 moniker returns for another season. Richard Prince reports that this one's the best yet.

  2. 1965 big block at Goodwood Revival

    A New Zealander sets out to race an American car in a British event. All's well until an Italian wreck.

  3. Comparison Test: 2007 vs. 2008 Z06

    There was surprisingly little fanfare from GM on the various updates to the standard 2008 Corvette. On Z06 changes, not a peep.

  4. 2009 Indy Pace Car

    It's been 30 years since a Corvette first led the Indy 500 field. A look at that 1978 pace car and this year's schizophrenic pair.

  5. Saddle Tan Split-Window

    Before judged shows and serial-number experts, restorers would paint cars any color they liked. One '63 slipped through.

  6. Rare Aztec Gold 1998 coupe

    Whether you're talking Beanie Babies or Corvettes, any mass-produced item has a few production quirks. We find a prime example.

  7. Market Report: C4

    If the 2009 ZR1 gives you sticker shock, simply turn back the clock 20 years and find its much cheaper namesake.

  8. CRC’s C1-look C5 convertible

    The classic-skins-over-modern-hardware theme has been done, but CRC's take relies more heavily on the new bits.

  9. Callaway B2K at Bloomington

    When you're taking the first car of its kind to be judged for originality, who decides what's really original? Zach Mayne reports.

  10. Full Article

    History: C4 engineering

    Engineering the fourth-gen Corvette wasn't just about making a car—it was about preserving the soul of a whole division.

  11. How-To: C2 radiator support repair

    The radiator support has a simple job clearly indicated by its name. Well there's nothing to worry about, then.

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