Issue 169

April 2024

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  1. Full Article

    Another One Saved

    Jim Hornaday’s ’65 restomod reflects its owner’s tireless dedication to rehabilitating neglected Midyears

  2. Full Article

    The Pursuit of Perfection

    Having undergone a painstaking, eight-year restoration, Lenard Ferraro’s ’69 L89 coupe is even better than new

  3. On the Shoulders of Giants

    Edward Dlag and his son pay tribute to the halcyon era of C5 racing

  4. Market Report: Z Cars

    If speed and exclusivity top your list of shopping priorities, a 1990-2019 Z06 or ZR1 is tough to beat

  5. Deep Purple

    Frank Miranda’s wild-looking ’90 ZR-1 whips up a heavy-metal symphony with its modified LT5

  6. Race to the Finish

    Denied a chance at further in-house development, the Grand Sports make their final stand with private teams

  7. Craftsmen at Work, Part 2

    In this installment, you’ll meet three more of the PME fabricators behind Corvette Racing’s enduring success

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