Issue 166

January 2024

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Issue 166 cover


  1. Full Article

    The Class of Z06

    Corvette’s latest star pupil proves a road-course scholar

  2. Full Article

    One and Only

    Why did Chevrolet skip what would have been the 30th-anniversary model year, and how did a single car survive?

  3. Cold-Case C2

    The true story behind one man’s relentless quest to track down a stolen ’63 convertible

  4. Sting In the Tail

    Zora Arkus-Duntov’s send-off C3 boasted style and performance worthy of its owner

  5. Hidden Treasure

    This meticulously restored ’58 roadster is a prime example of the “other” C1 Fuelie

  6. Market Report: $15K

    Inflation notwithstanding, it’s still possible to find an entertaining, well-preserved C3-C5 at this price point

  7. The Speed of Light

    Tracing the evolution of carbon fiber, and its many performance-enhancing applications on America’s Sports Car

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