Issue 162

July 2023

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 162 cover


  1. Full Article

    Hammer Time

    ProCharger’s blown C8 Stingray hits like a 725-horse sledge

  2. Full Article

    Built Back Better

    Andrew Barra’s early-morning encounter with a deer set the stage for this ’69 custom’s cosmetic makeover

  3. Market Report: Special Editions

    Choosing the right limited-production C3-C8 can help ensure a satisfying ownership experience

  4. Destiny Calling

    Tony Pedro’s ’57 roadster is a testament to the curative powers of a modified C1 Corvette

  5. The Car Guy

    Jim Facinelli’s restored ’66 big-block is a standout member of an eclectic collection

  6. Pushing the Envelope

    Duntov’s wild CERV II was loaded with cutting-edge technology

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