Issue 123

September 2018

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    King of Clubs

    Andy Williamson’s “club racer” C7 blends Euro-inspired style with monstrous Motown horsepower

  2. Full Article

    A Shot in the Arm

    With its dazzling looks and cutting-edge performance, Harley Earl’s SR-2 Corvette reinvigorated the brand

  3. Cross-Country Runner

    John and Cindy Asher’s ’60 roadster sees new life as an LS-powered, highway-conquering restomod

  4. Buyer's Guide: $20K

    Whether you crave speed, style or exotic-car cachet, the market has plenty to offer at this price point

  5. Coming to America

    Twelve years after its inception, the fantastically successful Callaway GT3 racing program lands in the U.S.

  6. All-Aluminum Surprise

    Ron Stanczyk’s ’67 coupe boasts an authentic piece of Corvette-racing history under the hood

  7. Yenko Rescue

    After years of disuse and neglect, a rare C3 tuner car once again hits the road in fighting form

  8. Stop to Match the Go

    An in-depth look at how the Corvette’s antilock braking system has evolved over the years

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