Issue 122

July 2018

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Issue 122 cover


  1. Full Article

    Reaching the Apex

    Whether at VIR or the ‘Ring, track testing played a critical role in honing the new ZR1’s performance edge

  2. Full Article

    A Fine Line

    Matt Chwilka’s ’78 restomod elevates the decades-long tradition of Corvette customization

  3. Technology Transfer

    Building on decades of high-performance R&D, a cannily modified C7 Stingray closes in on supercar status

  4. On the Up and Up

    We take a fresh look at the Midyear Corvette segment, where values continue to chart a skyward trajectory

  5. Survivor Type

    Sixty years of gentle use and plenty of loving care have preserved this ’58 Fuelie in like-new condition

  6. The Alchemist's Dilemma

    Turning a tired ’65 into Vetterod gold via the alembic of a late-model LT1 engine transplant

  7. Fast Company

    Fleet but fragile, Hendrick Motorsports’ Corvette GTPs set the pace but won just two races

  8. In Due Time

    Corvette’s chief engineer on the latest C7 developments, and the chimera of the mid-engine C8

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