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With the rolling chassis complete, Comeau mated it with the central body structure. He then installed a lot of new fiberglass pieces, including a nose, quarter panels, a taillight panel and a ’67 big-block hood. After this stage was complete, Comeau spent well over 300 hours preparing the body for paint.

His plan was to use an existing Corvette color, preferably one that was period-correct. He ended up shooting it in ’67 Marina Blue, but there was a problem: “I did not like the color, nor did anyone else,” says Comeau. “So I sanded it down again and gave up on period-correct colors.” He decided to visit some new-car lots and check out what was on the sales floor. Ironically, he came across a new Jeep that was painted a stunning shade of blue that he felt would be right for his project, so the ’64 ended up being repainted ’09 Jeep Deep Water Blue Pearl. Says Comeau, “The change was amazing!”

The next part of the rebuild was the interior. Comeau opted to keep it all as close to stock as possible. The first thing he redid was the dash—he rebuilt all the gauges—then he installed a Vintage Air air-conditioning system, as well as an Ididit tilt steering column. Comeau then fitted a new wiring harness and insulation material. He sourced the seats from a third-gen car. As for upholstery, he went for a two-tone look using GM colors—a mix of Dove Grey and Royal Blue that works well with the exterior color.

The final steps were to replace the top, tires and wheels. Comeau had Ralph’s Tops install a white soft top. The rolling stock chosen came in the form of 7 × 15-inch American Racing Torq-Thrust D wheels wrapped in Yokohama Avid Touring tires.

The time had come to fire up the engine. The wires were connected, fuel was added and the key turned. The V8 started right away without any problems. After he topped off the fluids and charged the air-conditioning, Comeau had the Corvette aligned. “The trip back from the alignment shop was a joy,” he says. “The car drove smoothly, not even a rattle. Everything worked perfectly, including the air-conditioning.”

For Comeau, the frustration of not being able to do anything with the other ’64 was cured when the restored “Truckster” hit the road. “This Corvette has been driven for 1,000 miles so far with absolutely no problems,” he says. “I guess it is the car’s way of thanking me for rescuing it from four-wheeling hell.”

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