1966 Two Top Roadster picture #1

1966 Two Top Roadster


450,000 miles
San Diego, Ca


7 days ago

Hard, awesome driver with almost no original parts. NO NCRS trailer queen. Porsche red, flares, loud Hooker side pipes, slalom car in the 70’s, fast, the Boss car on any road, anywhere. It lives to kick ass on PCH 1 between Morro Bay and Monterey. You can experience the joy of driving it on PCH 1 on YouTube, under SPEDKILLS.

Nearly half a million hard miles proves it will live forever. I’ve owned it 51 years and put on most of those miles. New soft top, re-done hard top interior, newer WIDE rubber and 350 HP crate motor.

To demonstrate it’s readiness and condition, when the fascist governor of California ORDERED everyone to stay in their houses in May of 2020, my son and I, with no preparation needed, jumped into the ’66 and drove to Monterey and back, up and down PCH 1, at very illegal speeds on totally empty roads. While giving the finger to Grusom all the way.

Now the bad news: engine has vibration since installation, probably from wrong flywheel; 2nd gear of Super T10 pops out on overrun because I’m very hard on 2nd gears in mountain and PCH 1 driving; interior needs redo, including dull original instrument panel and racing seats; various dings, stress cracks, scratches in road warrior paint and body.

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