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1985 Corvette


25,637 miles
Grand Rapids MI


about 2 months ago

  • Year: 1985
  • Model: Corvette
  • Description: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe – 5.7L V8 – Automatic Transmission – 25k Miles – Black Over Black Interior (Please note: If you happen to be viewing this 1985 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe on a website other than our Garage Kept Motors site, it’s possible that you’ve only seen some of our many photographs of the car due to third-party website limitations. To be sure you access all the more than 145 photographs, as well as a short start-up and walk-around video, and a link to the Corvette’s accident-and-damage-free, very low-mileage Carfax history report, please go to our main website: Garage Kept Motors.) “… the C4 was a world-class sports car, capable of 150 MPH and .95g on the skid pad, at a fraction of the cost of a Ferrari.” – Hemmings The C4 Corvette represented a major development for Chevrolet and, over its long production run, featured many firsts for the legendary marque. Not least of these was the replacement of earlier Corvette body-on-frame construction with a steel “birdcage” uni-body, and a center spine connecting the engine to the differential and supporting the drive shaft. Body stiffness was improved dramatically. The new exterior body design incorporated a track-inspired, clam-shell-style hood, hinged at the front, which exposed the entire engine for easy-access servicing. A horizontal rub strip bisected and surrounded the body and, in addition to giving the car a design signature for its wedge look, also concealed the seam where the two fiberglass body panels were joined. The C4 cars were lower, but also shorter than the earlier C3-series Corvettes, and delighted owners with more interior room, and a more comfortable seating position. Digital instrumentation and a completely re-designed interior with new seating technology were significant changes. Other innovations included power rack and pinion steering, forged aluminum suspension components, fiberglass transverse-mounted front and rear springs, and four-wheel disc brakes. The C4 was truly an all-new Corvette. For 1985, there were developmental improvements over the ‘84 model. As Car and Driver noted approvingly: "That’s the way it has to be when your stated goal is producing the world’s best sports car." The more efficient L98 350 cubic-inch (5.7 liter) TPI (Tuned Port Injection) engine rated at 230 horsepower was standard. The lightly used,well-maintained, black-over-black 1985 Corvette coupe offered here captures the Eighties vibe perfectly. Showing just 25,637 original miles, the car has traveled fewer than 750 miles per-year on average, making it a true (and rare) very low-mileage Corvette. The car’s original black paint retains good gloss overall; there is only slight fading evident on portions of the hood. It’s a classic Corvette color that has retained its timeless appeal. The removable roof panels are in excellent condition. Cabin glass (including on the rear hatch) and lighting lenses are clear and uncracked. All badging is present in the factory-applied locations on the body, including the “Tuned Port Injection” nomenclature embossed on the front fenders. Original-equipment, 16-inch styled aluminum wheels (with Corvette-flag-logo centers) in excellent condition are mounted with Kumho ® Ecsta Supra 255/50/ZR high-performance tires. Inside, the bespoke bucket seats created specifically for the C4 by Lear-Siegler are upholstered in black leather. The surface condition is excellent, free of wear marks or other damage. The seats are known for their comfort and highly effective side-bolstering. Switchgear is vintage 1980s including the fully functioning, colorful digital displays framed by a black steering wheel wearing the Corvette-flag emblem. Graphic markings on the instruments and other dashboard controls are crisp, sharp, and undamaged. The automatic-transmission shifter is mounted on the console. A Premier® audio head unit has replaced the factory radio. Charcoal carpeting is in place throughout the cockpit and continuing into the rear cargo area; light carpet wear is noted in the driver’s footwell. Beneath the front-hinged hood (and fenders), the engine compartment is in order with no sign of add-ons or aftermarket modifications. The 5.7-liter V8’s design stands out with its center cold-air-supply feeding air overhead to the valve intakes. (Be sure to watch-and listen to-the video of the car at GarageKeptMotors website to hear the smooth, throaty L98 engine audio signature.) All related components-including air conditioning-are properly mounted in a properly-original engine bay. Viewed from below, the car’s chassis shows no damage as might be the case from too-aggressive driving styles; the (quad-outlet) dual exhaust components are entirely free of damage. Only light surface rust is present on some untreated, and of course, the fiberglass body panels are immune to rust entirely. While the more than 145 high-definition photographs and the short walk-around-and-startup video available on the GarageKeptMotors website showcase this extremely low mileage ‘85 Corvette in detail from every angle, including from below, we expect and encourage in-person inspections at our Grand Rapids, Michigan showroom. Please call to arrange an appointment in advance as our showroom is not open to the public. And feel free to get in touch anytime by phone or email if you have questions. From music lyrics to pop culture, the Eighties were, in the lyrics from Prince’s popular song, a time when “much too fast” was pretty much the way things were. Anyone for whom that decade was a coming-of-age experience may find this Corvette coupe a time-travel machine to transport them back to those good times. Even as it provides ample sportscar performance today. To borrow from Prince’s lyrics, this black Corvette may well be the next owner’s “love that’s gonna last.”
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