1984 Corvette Coupe Coupe


177,587 miles
Morgantown PA

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3 months ago

  • Year: 1984
  • Model: Corvette Coupe
  • Trim: Coupe
  • Description: 1984 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe For the introduction of the new first year version C4 Corvette, Chevrolet went Star Wars on the TV ads proclaiming, “You’ve never seen anything like this before, you’ve never heard anything like this before”, utilizing plenty of smoke, flashy lighting and even vertical light sabers. Looking back, it now seems very dated, but at the time it was perfect to get buyers through the showroom doors. Up for consignment a barnfind which could either be an ambitious restoration project, or a parts car, or something totally different! A blank canvas per se waiting for the right buyer to use their creativity. Exterior A black coupe all fiberglass, and all parts are there. Some fading on the panels in particular the bumper areas, but they remain intact. All glass is intact as well. Standard Corvette Turbine style wheel covers all around. A large glass top is above the interior compartment. Interior Red leather buckets, showing some areas of wear near seams, and the usual aging of folds but mostly in fair condition. Carpet is clean with areas showing slight staining but remains unfaded. Dash is original and currently we could not get this car running, so we assume all digital displays may be the same but will probably come to life when the car runs. A large greenhouse curved rear window and good carpet are in the cargo area. Drivetrain A 5.7 Liter V8 with Electronic Fuel Injection and a 4-speed automatic sits in an unrestored and original engine bay. This engine is currently not running. Undercarriage All original appearing with nothing unremarkable underneath. Strong unibody construction with very little surface rust. A first year C4 that is in need of a good home and lots of TLC. Every car at Classic Auto Mall has a place to go, is this yours?
  • Stock: 460
  • https://www.motorious.com/vehicles/405/1984-chevrolet-corvette-coupe
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