2008 Z06


3,600 miles


2 months ago

Machine Silver Metallic with Ebony interior, trim level 1 with leather seats. One non-smoking owner with title in hand. Car is kept in a climate controlled garage and has never been driven in the winter. The car is started every 2 weeks during winter, brought up to engine operating temperature and rolled back and forth in driveway. It has never been exposed to road salt, snow, heavy rain or hail. There have never been any accidents, dents, dings, scuffs or scratches or repaint work. The front bumper has been protected by a Speed Lingerie color matching nose protector, which was remove for the photos but will be included with the car. Engine oil has been changed twice a year, spring and fall, with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. The battery was replaced last year. I have complete service records and all On Star monthly reports. Nothing has been changed on the car except two minor cosmetic upgrades; the outside door handles were changed to match the body paint color and the vinyl console cover was changed to a leather cover with an embossed Z06 logo. The original door handles and the vinyl console cover are included with the car. Also added to the car is a cloth cargo shade with a corvette emblem and a rear bumper cloth protector used when placing items in the trunk. Additional photos available upon request.

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